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This week we learned how to make panoramas. First one has to to take up to 10 photos. When taking these photos you slightly move the camera over to get the next image. When getting the images you need to leave a little of what was in the last image in the one you are about to take. After you have all of the images you put them into photoshop to combine all of them. After there are all put together you will have to use the transform capabilities of photoshop to make sure the image is the same size throughout.



Creative Composite Ideas

We got a creative composite assignment for our digital imaging class. For the past few days I have being throwing around some ideas about what I would want to do. Nothing was really sticking with me so I decided to go photograph some locations. The locations were randomly chosen and they might not even be used but they were a good place to start. I am still not 100 percent certain what I am going to do yet. A few of the ideas a came up with where difficult to build onto. I learned that more elaborate ideas were easier to build off or take away from than simple ones.



This week in our digital imaging class we learned how to make composite images. This is a process where we take two independent images are make them into one. We took a portrait of someone and separated them from the background and moved them onto a different background.  We used the quick selection and lasso tools to remove the portrait from the original image. I definitely need more practice with doing composite images to make them look more realistic. Out of all of the composites that I did in class this week, this one looks the most realistic. This portrait blended the most seamlessly with the background out of the three.


More Retouching


This week worked more on perfecting our retouching skills.

I winded up photographing my mom for this assignment. When retouching the photo of her I did not want to completely get rid of her “flaws.” Completely getting rid of everything would be unnatural.  When retouching photos I think it is better to still be able to see some wrinkles and texture on the face.

All of that being said I had a harder time editing certain aspects of this photos, such as the redness in her face. That was one of the first things she told me to get rid of but when getting rid of the redness I realized how different someone can look without the pigmentation that is normally there.



This week in our Digital Imaging class we had to photograph three different classmates with three different lighting setups. We then moved into retouching the skin in photoshop using the spot healing brush, the patch tool, and the clone tool. Also, we used the liquify tool to move parts that either need to be brought in or taken out. We also worked on Frequency Separation, which is separating the image into two layers so one can work on the texture of the skin and the color separately. This particular skill I still need to improve on. Since I am going into portrait, retouching is something I will need to continue improving on since I will be doing so regularly.


The Ups and Downs of the Eclipse


Solar Eclipse

Monday was a struggle to say the least.

The day started off with us leaving an hour late and then we had to turn around to go back to get our forgotten solar eclipse glasses. On top of that I felt nauseous which I just figured was just being nervous about the eclipse. I found out later that it was not nervous but still do not have a clue why I was so nauseous.

After being stuck in traffic every so often, we finally made it into South Carolina. We winded up stopping at a gas station. At this point I thought I was getting better but I was sorely mistaken. This is where it was debated about going back home because I had got sick and was feeling worse, but I was determined to see and photograph the eclipse.

After driving for a few more hours, we arrived at Newberry, SC.

We had gotten there early so all we had to do was wait. As we were waiting we noticed that clouds kept rolling in which worried us about the possibility of actually being able to see the eclipse. We were lucky that there was not a cloud in sight for totality.

Solar Eclipse

Going to the eclipse started out terrible and had us considering turn around a few times. In the end, I am so glad that we kept going because it was an amazing experience, even if I did leave with a sunburn.





This was the first week back to RCC and my first week as a second year student. On Monday, we jumped right back into it. We learned about capturing photos using Capture One by tethering. Tethering is when one connects their camera to a computer using a USB cable. By tethering one can operate the camera on the computer. Also, the images are imported instantly so one can view them on a bigger screen which is convenient when checking focus. This is very useful in a studio setting. Not only is it useful for the photographer but it also can be used for the clients benefit as well. The clients would be able to see the images as they are being taken.




Growing attached can be a great thing but it could also be extremely difficult, when what one is attached to is no longer there.

Growing attached can be foolish and silly but it is human nature to do so. We grow attached over and over again, until there is nothing left.

Callie liked to take naps where ever she could fit and she tended to go back to these places multiple times. I took this after I got done doing an assignment and noticed that she had taken over my camera bag. She was resting there for hours it seemed and she finally woke up from the sound of the shutter going off. She was always intrigued by that sound.

It has been a week and the attachment is still there and it is strange. It is strange to wake up and expecting to see Callie and then don’t or try to feed her, then she never comes.

Attachments can seem silly to others but sometimes the least expected things can hurt the greatest.



Door Knob

Opening new doors can be the easiest thing one does or the hardest. It is a risk to do so, so people become afraid.

This past week I went to old homes that have long become abandoned. Going to these houses opened the door for memories to come back to my dad. During his childhood, his family would go there to visit his uncle. He told me of time where they use to play on the front porch of one of the houses.

Going to abandoned places is something I do often because I find them intriguing. I love exploring them because they all have a story to tell. This time around I was able to hear a story from someone who was a part of the places but most of the time it is not that easy.

Doors, whether symbolically or not, always open and close. Now when these doors open they are a way of looking into what once was this house.




Fireworks go off and then fade almost as soon as they appeared.

People watch fireworks because they can be pretty. They sit there for 30 minutes to watch a temporary distraction. When I was younger I used to like watching fireworks go off but not so much anymore. The experience of watching fireworks is not the same anymore.

Last night at my house my family had a cookout and at the end of it they had fireworks going off. The sound of fireworks are terrifying to me now. I went outside long enough to take a few photos. The photo above is of the last fireworks that went off. I was standing safely under a tree which can be seen in the image as a few leaves are noticeable. Those fireworks only lasted for about 5 seconds and then they were gone.

They faded away after they had served their purpose of being a pretty distraction.