These past few days have been spent photographing a bunch of different dogs and cats for my portfolio which has made for my favorite time spent. Being around dogs and cats can be calming and the least stressful thing.

They did remind how much I missed my own pets while I was internship. It was strange not waking up to my cat or dog. It is easy to fall in a routine especially when you have pets. I was so excited to be home to see them especially when my cat, Sassy, met me at the door.






Growing attached can be a great thing but it could also be extremely difficult, when what one is attached to is no longer there.

Growing attached can be foolish and silly but it is human nature to do so. We grow attached over and over again, until there is nothing left.

Callie liked to take naps where ever she could fit and she tended to go back to these places multiple times. I took this after I got done doing an assignment and noticed that she had taken over my camera bag. She was resting there for hours it seemed and she finally woke up from the sound of the shutter going off. She was always intrigued by that sound.

It has been a week and the attachment is still there and it is strange. It is strange to wake up and expecting to see Callie and then don’t or try to feed her, then she never comes.

Attachments can seem silly to others but sometimes the least expected things can hurt the greatest.





Everyone is afraid of something whether they want to admit it or not is a different story. Fear can control someone in the weirdest of ways. This idea was brought about because of the cat pictured above, named Smokey. Yesterday he was very skittish around me when I had my tripod out. He took refuge underneath my car for a good while.  Since he got hurt a few months ago he has been wary around everything that moves because he is afraid of getting hurt.

Beyond Smokey, with everything that is happening in the world lately it is hard to imagine a world outside of fear. Fear is once again controlling people. It is hard to see people being afraid of tomorrow because of other people’s actions. With that being said, many people are no longer willing to sit back and watch the world turn upside down. We live in the era of people standing up and fighting back. They take their fear and turning it into something worth living for.