This was the first week back to RCC and my first week as a second year student. On Monday, we jumped right back into it. We learned about capturing photos using Capture One by tethering. Tethering is when one connects their camera to a computer using a USB cable. By tethering one can operate the camera on the computer. Also, the images are imported instantly so one can view them on a bigger screen which is convenient when checking focus. This is very useful in a studio setting. Not only is it useful for the photographer but it also can be used for the clients benefit as well. The clients would be able to see the images as they are being taken.




Growing attached can be a great thing but it could also be extremely difficult, when what one is attached to is no longer there.

Growing attached can be foolish and silly but it is human nature to do so. We grow attached over and over again, until there is nothing left.

Callie liked to take naps where ever she could fit and she tended to go back to these places multiple times. I took this after I got done doing an assignment and noticed that she had taken over my camera bag. She was resting there for hours it seemed and she finally woke up from the sound of the shutter going off. She was always intrigued by that sound.

It has been a week and the attachment is still there and it is strange. It is strange to wake up and expecting to see Callie and then don’t or try to feed her, then she never comes.

Attachments can seem silly to others but sometimes the least expected things can hurt the greatest.



Door Knob

Opening new doors can be the easiest thing one does or the hardest. It is a risk to do so, so people become afraid.

This past week I went to old homes that have long become abandoned. Going to these houses opened the door for memories to come back to my dad. During his childhood, his family would go there to visit his uncle. He told me of time where they use to play on the front porch of one of the houses.

Going to abandoned places is something I do often because I find them intriguing. I love exploring them because they all have a story to tell. This time around I was able to hear a story from someone who was a part of the places but most of the time it is not that easy.

Doors, whether symbolically or not, always open and close. Now when these doors open they are a way of looking into what once was this house.




Fireworks go off and then fade almost as soon as they appeared.

People watch fireworks because they can be pretty. They sit there for 30 minutes to watch a temporary distraction. When I was younger I used to like watching fireworks go off but not so much anymore. The experience of watching fireworks is not the same anymore.

Last night at my house my family had a cookout and at the end of it they had fireworks going off. The sound of fireworks are terrifying to me now. I went outside long enough to take a few photos. The photo above is of the last fireworks that went off. I was standing safely under a tree which can be seen in the image as a few leaves are noticeable. Those fireworks only lasted for about 5 seconds and then they were gone.

They faded away after they had served their purpose of being a pretty distraction.




Piper looking to the side

Above is Piper, a.k.a Hyper Piper, and she is always full of energy. I do not have that many pictures of her because most of the time they are just blurs. On the day that I took this image I winded up just sitting on the ground and kept taking photos. After awhile though I was going to give up because I kept capturing blurs or just her paws from her jumping up and down to much. I noticed when I was getting up that she would hear something and get momentarily distracted. That is where I found the opportunity to that the above image.

Her energy is always refreshing to see on days where I am not feeling well or just had an overall bad day. This past week I started to not feel well towards the end of it but she was there as her hyper self and I was glad for it.

Pets are always good to have around because they can make a day better from just being around.




Goodbyes can be one of the hardest things that someone ever has to do.

On Friday, I had planned to spend time with my friend, Megan, before see leaves on Wednesday to go to school. A few days before, I got a weekly assignment for my printing class, which is to print a black and white portrait. I asked Megan if she would be willing to be in pictures for this assignment, so on Friday I knew i was going to be taking pictures of her but none of the photos I took were planned.

What happened was that we were going to go take pictures but we were just talking and I took photos at different times. I love the photo above because to me it shows the feeling of what goodbyes are. On the other hand it also shows love as well. One can tell that Megan cares a great deal about her dog, Cleo.

Goodbyes are not always forever.



Jordan Lake

Over time certain memories may no longer be prevalent but they will leave a lasting impression. Memories whether good or bad truly do impact a person. Know one will ever be able to understand how another views the world because no two people will have experienced an event the same way.

Everyone has a favorite memory and a worse memory. Sometimes the memories we remember the most though are the one’s that we much rather forget for some reason or another. As much as everyone would like to forget the bad memories, they have just as much of a role as the good memories do in shaping us.

As memories come and go, they stay with us forever.





Everyone is afraid of something whether they want to admit it or not is a different story. Fear can control someone in the weirdest of ways. This idea was brought about because of the cat pictured above, named Smokey. Yesterday he was very skittish around me when I had my tripod out. He took refuge underneath my car for a good while.  Since he got hurt a few months ago he has been wary around everything that moves because he is afraid of getting hurt.

Beyond Smokey, with everything that is happening in the world lately it is hard to imagine a world outside of fear. Fear is once again controlling people. It is hard to see people being afraid of tomorrow because of other people’s actions. With that being said, many people are no longer willing to sit back and watch the world turn upside down. We live in the era of people standing up and fighting back. They take their fear and turning it into something worth living for.






This semester we were given the assignment of making a blog in my digital imaging class. To be honest, I was not all that excited because I am not one to post a lot of writing to go along with what I post online. This is me taking a big step outside of my comfort zone, and for that I am excited because I’ll have the chance at a new experience.

The photo above is one that I have been drawn to since I originally took it. It sits as a reminder about how beauty can be found in the most unlikely of places. Sometimes all it takes is stepping under a threshold to find it.