Piper looking to the side

Above is Piper, a.k.a Hyper Piper, and she is always full of energy. I do not have that many pictures of her because most of the time they are just blurs. On the day that I took this image I winded up just sitting on the ground and kept taking photos. After awhile though I was going to give up because I kept capturing blurs or just her paws from her jumping up and down to much. I noticed when I was getting up that she would hear something and get momentarily distracted. That is where I found the opportunity to that the above image.

Her energy is always refreshing to see on days where I am not feeling well or just had an overall bad day. This past week I started to not feel well towards the end of it but she was there as her hyper self and I was glad for it.

Pets are always good to have around because they can make a day better from just being around.





Goodbyes can be one of the hardest things that someone ever has to do.

On Friday, I had planned to spend time with my friend, Megan, before see leaves on Wednesday to go to school. A few days before, I got a weekly assignment for my printing class, which is to print a black and white portrait. I asked Megan if she would be willing to be in pictures for this assignment, so on Friday I knew i was going to be taking pictures of her but none of the photos I took were planned.

What happened was that we were going to go take pictures but we were just talking and I took photos at different times. I love the photo above because to me it shows the feeling of what goodbyes are. On the other hand it also shows love as well. One can tell that Megan cares a great deal about her dog, Cleo.

Goodbyes are not always forever.