Door Knob

Opening new doors can be the easiest thing one does or the hardest. It is a risk to do so, so people become afraid.

This past week I went to old homes that have long become abandoned. Going to these houses opened the door for memories to come back to my dad. During his childhood, his family would go there to visit his uncle. He told me of time where they use to play on the front porch of one of the houses.

Going to abandoned places is something I do often because I find them intriguing. I love exploring them because they all have a story to tell. This time around I was able to hear a story from someone who was a part of the places but most of the time it is not that easy.

Doors, whether symbolically or not, always open and close. Now when these doors open they are a way of looking into what once was this house.



5 thoughts on “Doors

  1. Sara this is a very interesting post and when you look at abandon homes you can’t help but wonder what happen, where, and why did they go. People often have to abandon their homes for many different reasons. But for whatever the reason it is very sad to see the devastation left and no one to pick up where they left off. So it is like a big void with a big question mark.


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