Piper looking to the side

Above is Piper, a.k.a Hyper Piper, and she is always full of energy. I do not have that many pictures of her because most of the time they are just blurs. On the day that I took this image I winded up just sitting on the ground and kept taking photos. After awhile though I was going to give up because I kept capturing blurs or just her paws from her jumping up and down to much. I noticed when I was getting up that she would hear something and get momentarily distracted. That is where I found the opportunity to that the above image.

Her energy is always refreshing to see on days where I am not feeling well or just had an overall bad day. This past week I started to not feel well towards the end of it but she was there as her hyper self and I was glad for it.

Pets are always good to have around because they can make a day better from just being around.



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