Jordan Lake

Over time certain memories may no longer be prevalent but they will leave a lasting impression. Memories whether good or bad truly do impact a person. Know one will ever be able to understand how another views the world because no two people will have experienced an event the same way.

Everyone has a favorite memory and a worse memory. Sometimes the memories we remember the most though are the one’s that we much rather forget for some reason or another. As much as everyone would like to forget the bad memories, they have just as much of a role as the good memories do in shaping us.

As memories come and go, they stay with us forever.



3 thoughts on “Memories

  1. I agree with Becca. When thinking about the question we are to ask for multimedia, I asked myself what I would tell my 15 yr old self and I would tell myself that there will be hard times and bad memories but there will also be many good. I love the person I am today and all those experiences made me that person. I found strength, I learned compassion and I loved even through the heartaches. We are in control of our lives and our dreams but we each have to find our own way to understanding this.

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